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Newcomer Workshops


General Information sessions

Drop in for newcomers to ask questions and to see what we have to offer.


Coffee Talk

Would you like to improve your English Conversation Skills? Join us at the YMCA Newcomer Services. This group is very informal, we converse over coffee/tea/juice and muffins/cookies about different things (How do you mail a letter, where do you come from? Why did you choose to come to Canada, What do certain expressions mean? How can I say something in different ways: How are you?)


Creative & Healthy school lunches / Anaphylaxis : How to shop for school lunches

This workshop will help parents pack healthy, well balanced, economical lunches for children going to school. Also, anaphylaxis will be discussed as most schools do not allow peanuts/nut products in the school due to severe allergies.


How to prepare my child for school in Canada

This workshop is for individuals who are sending their children to school for the first time or newcomers wanting to know how to prepare their child for school.


Ontario Education System for Parents

This workshop will teach parents about the Ontario education system and what the options are when sending your children to school.

You’ve Just Arrived!

Moving to a new country can be difficult. Finding your way in Sudbury can take a long time, especially if you don’t have the right information. Join our workshop and learn how to find a place to live, apply for a Social Insurance Number and a Health Card, find an employment resource centre, learn about your rights, find English classes for you and your family and much more!


All About Sudbury

Learn about the history of Sudbury, government and economy, city attractions and places to visit, neighbourhoods and districts...much more


Let’s Study! Citizenship Test Preparation

Preparing to write the Citizenship Test? Come and study at the YMCA Newcomer Services. 


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