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Settling somewhere new can be challenging...

 Here are some tips to help make the journey a little easier:

  • Find a temporary place to stay before you arrive in Ontario. Write down your address and phone number, if you have not yet memorized them.
  • Visit the Ontario Government Website to get general information about Ontario’s services and programs for newcomers.
  • Prepare a schedule for your first days in Ontario; compare your schedule with the first day guide you can find online - to ensure you not are missing important items.
  • Once you arrive in Sudbury, visit us downtown in the Rainbow Mall. The YMCA Newcomer Services provides a wide range of services for new immigrants such as: employment support, settlement workshops, access to computers and much more.
  • Begin applying for the personal documents you need to live and work in Canada. For example, apply for a Social Insurance Number and Permanent Residence card as soon as you arrive.
  • Apply for a Health Card.- You should purchase private health insurance for you and your family until you are eligible for government health coverage. If you do not wish to buy private insurance, find out where your local Community Health Centre is located, to make sure you can receive primary health services if you need them.
  • Learn where to shop and learn how to open a bank account in Canada.

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