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International Programs


The smallest and least known YMCA program area is International Programming.  Our International programs consist of education and information for members and participants on world issues, and our partnering with the Khartoum YMCA in Sudan.

The Sudan

The most geographically diverse state in Africa, split into two countries in July 2011 after the people of the south voted for independence.  Sudan and South Sudan.  The population exceeds 43.2 million people. Predominate languages are Arabic and English with the major religions being Islam, Christianity and Animism.


The Khartoum YMCA


The YMCA of Sudbury has been involved with an active partnership with the YMCA of Khartoum, Sudan since 1987.  This partnership started by giving the Khartoum YTMCA support as they co-ordinated a number of programs and refugee camps for Ethiopian refugees during the famine of the early 1980’s.  As the partnership matured and the need for refugee camps diminished, the Khartoum YMCA moved to development programs in Khartoum, creating schools to teach trades to young Sudanese and more recently, basic education to children in the resettlement areas surrounding Khartoum.  During this growth of the YMCA in Khartoum, the Sudbury YMCA was joined by the YMCA’s of North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie and Timmins with financial support from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).  The influence of the Khartoum YMCA has grown through its schools, choir, sports teams, and numerous family support activities in Khartoum and the resettlement areas.


The Khartoum YMCA, supported by the YMCA’s of Northern Ontario and CIDA has over 2,000 students a year in its schools for youth and children.  The Khartoum YMCA is aiding many Sudanese as they become more self-sufficient.

Inherent in all of the programs provided by the Khartoum YMCA is a comprehensive program of AIDS/HIV education and environmental awareness.  The role of women has become a priority as more and more female students are part of the YMCA schools and an increasing number of women being involved in leadership and policy roles.  As the future of Sudan is uncertain with the separation of Southern Sudan now a reality, the YMCA stands prepared to be supportive of families and their needs.


This project is undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).


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