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   The YMCA champions the spirit of volunteerism. We are an Association that thrives
   on the generous acts of volunteers — and if you ask our volunteers they will tell you, 
   there are few opportunities more rewarding than serving the community at the YMCA.  

   Committed volunteers are essential to the YMCA as we work to fulfill our mission to
   offer unique opportunities for personal growth and service to others. Volunteers are
   vital to our vision of being a leader in enhancing a civil society. We are delighted that
   you have taken the first step towards becoming a YMCA Volunteer.

   The YMCA offers you a variety of opportunities for volunteer service:

    -     Program volunteers provide leadership and support to many high quality
          programs and services enjoyed by the community.
    -     Fundraising volunteers help to raise funds to ensure that YMCA programs are
          open to everyone regardless of economic circumstances.
    -     Special event volunteers help to plan, promote and run many events that 
          strengthen the community.
    -     Policy volunteers provide leadership to the YMCA as Members of the Board of
           Directors or on a Board committee.

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