YMCA Swim Lessons
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YMCA Lil' Dippers Program

Splasher/Bubblers - Lil' Dippers Parented (3 months - 3 years with parent or caregiver)
Parent and child learn basic water skills, entering and exiting the water, blowing bubbles,
floating and basic safety skills all while playing games and singing songs.

Bobbers/Floaters (3-5 years) 
Skills include becoming familiar with the water, entering and exiting, putting face in the
water, blowing bubbles, using PFD's, front/back floats, glides and jump-ins.

Gliders/Divers (3-5 years)
Skills include deep water awareness, surface support, deep water jump-ins, front/back/side
glides and front/back swims 10m.

Surfers/Dippers (3-5 years)
Skills include surface dives, front/back crawl, standing dives and endurance swims up to 25m.


YMCA Learn to Swim Program (for children 6+ years)

The YMCA Learn to Swim program is a four-level instructional program that introduces your
beginner swimmer to foundational aquatic activities. They will improve their body awareness
and motor skills as they submerge, kick, roll and jump in the water. They will be competent
swimmers on their front and back when they complete Swimmer

Core skills include going under water and gliding on top of the water.

Core skills include using flutter kick and rolling the body from side to side for streamlined

movement through water.

Core skills include coordinating arms, legs and breathing for smooth propulsion during front

and back crawl.

Core skills include front and back crawl stroke standards, treading water for 1 minute,

and a 25m endurance swim.


YMCA Star Program (for children 6+ years)

The YMCA Star Program introduces your continuing swimmer to elementary backstroke,
breaststroke, side stroke and increases their swimming distance to 350m by the end
of Star 4. The optional items give you child opportunities to explore competitive swimming,
synchronized swimming, water polo and aquatic fitness.

Star 1
Core skills include whip kick on their back, and a 75m endurance swim.

Star 2
Core skills include whip kick on their front, eggbeater as surface support, and a 100m

endurance swim.

Star 3
Core skills include elementary backstroke, dolphin kick, and a 200m endurance swim.

Star 4
Core skills include breaststroke, side stroke, and a 350m endurance swim.


YMCA Star Leadership Program

The YMCA Star Leadership Program allows your competent and confident swimmer to
build on their strong aquatic skills to learn to safely help others who are in trouble in
the water, basic first aid skills, and to improve their physical fitness. Each level has a
component of learning how to teach others, and optional items include advanced swim
skills, competitive swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo and aquatic fitness.

Star 5
Core skills include butterfly, throwing a buoyant aid to a swimmer, creating and

teaching a water game, and a 500m endurance swim.

Star 6
Core skills include first aid, towing someone to safety, demonstrating how to teach a

skill, and a 600m endurance swim.

Star 7
Core skills include first aid, teaching someone a skill using effective feedback,

and a 400m endurance swim in 12 minutes.


Adult Lessons

Learn to swim or master a stroke. These lessons are taught in a group. The instructor
will modify the day's class to teach what you want to learn. Classes are also offered in French. 

To register for private lessons or for more information, please contact Sheena Kilpatrick, Supervisor of Aquatics at 705-688-7300 ext. 2129.


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