YMCA Playing to Learn

What is YMCA Playing to Learn?

CC-06The publication of YMCA Playing to Learn signals an important milestone in the history of the YMCA and an important development in the field of early childhood education.

YMCA Playing to Learn is a curriculum that is currently being implemented in YMCA child care centre’s across Canada.

It delivers on our promise to continuously improve the quality of programs and services we provide for children.

The theoretical basis for this curriculum is well-known and accepted. It is based on what we – as child care professionals – know to be true.

True play is the way children learn, and true play provides adults with insight into what a child – at that particular moment in time – is capable of learning.

CC-08What is new is the framework and structure the YMCA is putting in place to train early childhood educators. This is, in and of itself, an exciting development. We are providing our early childhood educators with the opportunity to further their own education and skill at nurturing the development of young children.

We believe YMCA Playing to Learn is the best approach to ensure a child’s continued enthusiasm and capacity for life-long learning.

YMCA Playing to Learn provides an understanding of how play provides the foundation for learning to read and write, and for learning mathematics, science and technology. It provides early educators with the skills to prepare spaces that are more conducive to learning, and the best practices to encourage quality learning experiences.

CC-05YMCA Playing to Learn combines three decades of experience in child care delivery, with the latest body of knowledge on how the brain develops and how children learn.

What will your child be doing?

All the things your child wants to do. There will be story time. Time to play with blocks. Opportunities to count and compare. To make pictures and to sing. To make-believe. They will experience the world. They will explore and investigate.

How will your child be learning?

Your child will be playing to learn. We have known for a very long time that child’s play provides the foundations for language and literacy; for mathematics, science and technology; and for the arts. It is the type of play opportunities provided at the YMCA that determines what your child learns.

What will the YMCA early educator be doing?

CC-07Supporting you in your role as parent. Providing a safe environment for your child. Preparing spaces that are more conducive to learning. Carefully watching to determine what your child – at a particular moment in time – is capable of learning. Actively participating in your child’s play experiences. Observing and documenting the milestones in your child’s life to ensureage appropriate development.

Through YMCA Playing to Learn, your child’s early educator is more attentive, more involved and more aware of how your child is developing and what your child is learning.

In other words, YMCA Playing to Learn is a guide to the quality care and education of young children, from infancy to age six.

We invite you to share in a snapshot of our national accredited curriculum, YMCA Playing to Learn. After viewing this video, you will have an understanding of how our full day early learning program prepares each child for entry into school and their journey through life.


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